Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow its been long.

Things have been pretty difficult lately.
It seems as though we aren't ourselves. Everything has been changing and moving. There is an unbearable amount of stress on everybody.

No jobs, No money, No hope.. it makes me sick.
I know its pretty far out there, but alot of the time i just wish that money didn't exist.. i hate how such a small thing makes such a big difference. No, money doesn't buy you happiness, but it sure does help.

There is however a little bit of hope, i am supposed to have an interview tomorrow and it sounds promising. Although still no luck for Mr. Rigney.. that makes it all hard. Actually, thats the thing..

Here's how it is right now:

Kolleens parents have no money, no jobs, they actually just lost their house.
This being so, we had to move into the back of the garage at my dads house..
guess what? He is selling his house.. so we have to get an apartment. That's not really a bad thing, we are actually pretty excited about getting out of the 'rents places. But here is where it gets difficult.
We want to move to portland to go to school.. We want to get married. We can't move until we are married (to avoid angry parents). But we are stuck here until July 25th 2010(the wedding date). We are most likely going to have to pay for the wedding seeing as how both of our parents are broke as hell. THAT means we must get jobs and save up money. Not that bad, right? well.. we must also save for the move, and figure out school.. Its hard. we feel like we can't get any help from anyone.. like we are stuck in an endless rut.

We got these sweet longboards.. to cruise all over town on, looking for jobs.. you know, save money. we have basically been driving around on an empty tank for days, cashing in cans to throw 5 bucks in every 2 days, and walking the rest of the time. It sucks..

Bleck! So much going on (or not going on). I can't wait for the next part of my life to start.

I love kolleen, that's all i can focus on to get me by everyday.

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Kolleen said...

I know baby, it's hard but no matter what i still love you. and we're going to make it and so are our families.
we just need a vacation