Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I just felt like expressing my thoughts a little.

I knew from the start that we would be alright.
Cause we hold each other close enough, to never realy feel the lust.

I’ve never had the ability to say exactly how I feel, But I know you know it’s alright
theres no words that would describe what I feel, tonight.

And If I knew that tomorrow would be our last night, I could never hold you so tight, and that’s how I want to live my life.
At the end of every single fight, I think about how much you mean to me and how I’d die if you’d left my sight.

Baby you’re the one for me and I know I’m for you.
there’s nothing I want more right now, than for you to say “I do”.

If something were to happen to us, the world wouldn’t be the same, Existance doesn’t matter to me without you I’ll go insane.

Baby you’re the one for me, and I know I’m for you.
Give me something of our love and I’ll forever be yours too.


Kolleen said...

i love it=]]]]
i love you so much

i do i do i do!!!!!

paul said...

I love it too! Hold tight. She broke my car. ;)