Monday, October 6, 2008

10-06-08 Dear diary,

It was real nice....
School was really relaxed today, just as I'd hoped for.
Thank God for substitute teachers, that meant movie for me today, twice..
I am doing well on work, i have all A's and B's.. That's a first.
The key is personal motivation. Nobody makes me do anything. I chose what I do and why I do it.
I'm not saying that I'm perfect though, I made a whole 7 months of bad choices before I quit being an idiot. Boy am I glad that's all over with.

LOST, again today.. I'm really happy to finally know what happened to Claire when she got abducted. Kolly and I finished the disk, we'll probably start on the next one next week. Since i have worship practice tomorrow, and church on Wednesday.. then She's leaving for Cali for the weekend. Katie's wedding. I will have the place to myself..

Me, the quiet.. except for that Damned Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock....
haha, oh well.. it will keep me company as I work on my latest song.
"I could buy you a rose, but a songs just as sweet. When it comes from my heart, Baby that's all you need". It's going to be a good one.

I got to hang out with my dad for an hour or so. That was nice.. I'm glad that this isn't like it was last time.. I wont let it. I got way too far from my family, I need to stay close. They need me, I need them. Where's my mommy? I miss her... We never got that Eugene trip as we had planned.. Hmm... Birthday is next month, we're supposed to get tattoo's together. I hope she's still planning on that.

18.. I didn't ever think that I would be excited to vote. Surprisingly.. I am.
But that wont be for a while, I get to miss this term, at least the presidential election.

Anyways... I'm out, Goodnight.

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J~me said...

You know where I am...WORK! Blah! We will do the Eugene trip soon. And the tattoos. Are you finding an artist??

Your writing is so candid and revealing and wise. You sound like your father. It makes me cry. You are wonderful, son. I love you.