Saturday, October 4, 2008

Words really aren't enough

Not alot Going on right now, So quiet and peaceful, the slightest sound could be heard.
Typing, Tap tap, the sound of the rain hitting what you could call a roof.
For those of you who don't know, i reside in the back of an unfinished garage, lol.
it's okay though, The sound is so soothing, I love it.

I'm just sitting here thinking, I'm thinking about today and how it actually was a great day.
Although it was the Preceding events that have caused me to feel this very lonely, I'm missing her badly, feeling as of now.

She was amazing today, so full of radiant love and peace.
Something about her smile that gave me hope through this day.
This morning when i walked outside and she greeted me by opening her car door she looked at me, i saw the color and the tone in her eyes. It told me that today would be a good day.

She knew that i knew, our love has been on the back burner; School, stress.. its normal.
Not saying our love is any bit diminished, but just unrecognized in the recent.

But today, no not today.. I felt it so much stronger than before, she had mentioned previously in her own blogging that during 4th today, our teacher mentioned something of love and how all but a couple exceptions in class hadn't really experienced the true thing yet. At that point we both knew who he was talking about. I felt her burning, intense eyes on my neck, I turned around to meet her glance at the exact moment and the feeling was spectacular.

It was over joyful, incredible, and just so rewarding to know that my girlfriend, the best one I have ever had, really does feel the same way about me, for once.. For once I have a girl that I don't have to second guess her feelings, Or lie to myself and convince myself to fabricate some sort of emotions and carry on the impossible. This is the least bit impossible. So it seems it would be so if I were to carry on without her. <3

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Kolleen said...

awh! =D
I am crying, i hate you for it
i also love you for it.
ofcourse i only really love you for it.<33333
I love how you make me feel, just reading this. it's like your next to me...