Friday, October 3, 2008

TGIF for sure

Fridays are the best.
No more school for two days, except tomorrow of course..
I have this section leaders conference, its gonna be fun.
I only wish i didn't have to give up my Saturday morning sleep.

My girlfriend is so beautiful, I love her.
I wish i could help her make her migraines go away.

Its nice to just be able to relax and write, and watch movies in the evenings.
It's rather Therapeutic, you know?

Anyways.. I think i have kind of done the same thing as my dad and turned this into more of an online journal... Which is fine.
I'll do poems and such as they come.
I don't really force writing.

School. its alot going on for 5 days straight.. almost too much.
Oh well.. its my last year, i can do it.
Then comes Portland!


1 comment:

Kolleen said...

i agreee i love fridays, i wish you didnt have to go tomorrow. urg.

i love realaxing and writing and stuff with you, its my favorite thing we did tolday, right before we went to see your grandma. that was my favorite.

I love you.
and yeah school is alot right now..kinda overwhelming yeah?