Thursday, October 2, 2008


It was a tough day.
Braces got adjusted yesterday, tighter... alot.
My dad brought Excedrin and Vitamin water to me at school today, that was nice.
Government was interesting, we got into a debate about "religion" and how it ties in with being a conservative or a liberal..
I'm liberal, more so than anything else.
Its a tricky topic.. but i don't feel like typing my explanation out.

Kolly and I played at Mycoffee tonight. It was okay, Bella Sera is better.
Last day before the weekend tomorrow. woohoo... *Enthused?*

well time for aching teeth, rubber bands, pillows and sheep.

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jaded jamie said...

Uh...I made your Dad take you that stuff...Geez, don't I get any credit here?!!! DUH! You write exquisitely honey=]