Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh John, how soothing you are.

The Air is cold, it's fresh. It feels so clean and pure, just like getting out of the shower in the mornings.
I sit here... so tired, so relaxed. The dim light stirs and haunts the corners of the room as if it were exploring the dark.
A cluster of musical instruments, an overjoyful graduated silhouette celebrates.
One microphone standing, so strong, so powerful, so ready.. It's calling me, but not right now. I can see it, in the distance... theoretically of course.

Waiting, just waiting and feeling. Not too sure of what my head is saying. I do know i'm going to miss her, that's for sure. She's getting ready, packing. Tomorrow she will have to leave, at the start of lunch. I won't get to see her till, Sunday? I think.. oh well, thats really too long.

I'm calm; peace.. i like it. =]

1 comment:

Kolleen said...

i love you
what are you feeling?
i'm going to miss you so much.